Multi-size wooden storage box

One-time storage box, multi-size customization.


  • Using automatic manufacturing technology, the cylinder bottom is integrated molding
  • The factory is sterilized and disinfected by ultraviolet and ozone
  • The material is natural, clean, hygienic and environmentally friendly
  • Personalized and customized various appearance shapes, hot stamping logos, text patterns, etc

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The company’s environmentally friendly packaging of wooden boxes, and food wooden boxes, uses automatic manufacturing technology, cylinder bottom integrated molding, precise size control, high production efficiency, and factory through ultraviolet and ozone sterilization and disinfection. The material is natural, clean, hygienic, and environmentally friendly.


  • ● 【Complete certificate】The company has passed FSC forest system certification, products have passed SGS testing, and FDA, LFGB, EU, and other export certificates are complete. The company has a professional technical team and quality management team, strictly control the various processes of products and services, and constantly designs a variety of innovative packaging with the characteristics of the times, with the spirit of craftsmanship and green environmental protection innovative concept, create excellent quality, provide customers with perfect packaging, enhance the value of customer products and corporate image!

    ● 【Personalization】

    Customized various appearance shapes, hot stamping logos, text patterns, etc.

    ● 【High quality】

    We offer high-quality bamboo disposable products that are sterilized at high temperatures and have no peculiar smell. Therefore, the original taste of the food will not be affected when used, the surface is also polished, and the edges are smooth and burr-free. Made from 100% bamboo, you don’t have to worry about stabbing your mouth when using it.

    ● 【100% bamboo】

    Unlike plastic cutlery that bends easily or breaks easily, bamboo forks are sharp and knives can cut hard food. ZHUZHIYUAN disposable bamboo tableware is made of 100% bamboo. 100% natural and organic, free of toxins and chemicals, plastics, and BPA.

    ● 【Bioregent and renewable】

    A great alternative to traditional wood and plastic, bamboo is 100% compostable and 100% biodegradable. Instead of throwing it in the trash, it can be put directly in the compost bin. Bamboo grows faster than trees, protect the planet with our biodegradable cutlery sets!

    ● 【Suitable for various occasions】

    The compostable-friendly bamboo knife, fork, and spoon set can be used to enjoy all food, fully capable of making hard entrées, biodegradable cutlery sets, ideal for everyday dining, restaurants, food trucks, hiking, camping, corporate events, and other types of catering environments.

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production workshop

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company advantage


  • Workshop more than 8600        Leading Enterprise in Hunan Province           Passed FSC forest system certification


Hunan Zhuzhiyuan Packaging Design Co., Ltd. is located in Chenzhou Science and Technology Industrial Park, Hunan Province. It has been rated as “Leading Enterprise in Hunan Province”. It has been committed to the research, development, design and production of new environmentally friendly packaging materials and products for many years.

The company has more than 8,600 square meters of bamboo finishing workshops, and has introduced international and domestic advanced production equipment and technology. The product line covers disposable high-end tableware such as bamboo knives, forks and spoons, bamboo lid jars, bamboo and wood dinner plates, wooden boxes, etc. The company has passed the FSC forest system. Certification, strictly control the various processes of products and services to ensure excellent product quality and reliable service.

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